What to expect over the next couple of months.
While we will continue operating as usual for the rest of April and continue to offer hundreds of new plants, things will be slowing down soon.

As spring comes to a close and warm summer days approach, we will be entering the store's slowest time of year. After this month, our new plant uploads will become much more infrequent, and the number of new plants will be reduced.

Summer is the most stressful time for most of the echeveria we carry. You'll notice as temperatures rise, our plants won't be as colorful or compact as they were in the colder winter and fall months. This is not to say we won't continue to offer only the healthiest plants possible.

Since plants are actively growing during the summer months, shipping also becomes a little more challenging. Plants may etiolate or stretch in transit or even lose coloration more rapidly than usual. This is normal for this time of year, and we will do everything we can only to ship the most robust plants.

While things may seem quiet, behind the scenes, we will be hard at work preparing for this coming fall and winter to continue to offer you the best plants at the best prices.

The summer months will also be spent investing in technology that will allow us to start prioritizing domestic production. True Succulents' goal has always been to bring these sought-after plants that we love so much to market in the USA at affordable prices. We'll be working on exciting in-house methods that will allow us to start producing many of our own plants. We're working to achieve self-sufficiency and more affordable plants for our valued customers.

Thanks to all who supported our store during the busy season and plan to support us in the future. Big things are coming, and we can't wait to share them with you.

-Chez & Vanni