Get to Know: Echeveria 'Akaihosi' Variegated

Echeveria 'Akaihosi' Variegated is a variegated form of Echeveria 'Runyonii'. A beautifully variegated variety prized for its blue and cream white hues. This variety is sometimes mistakingly referred to as Echeveria Agavoides 'Akaihosi' this is incorrect as this refers to a entirely different variety. 

  • Medium to fast growth rate.

  • Steady, bountiful variegation.

  • Can grow to over 6"

  • Easy to grow and not prone to rot like E. 'Compton Carousel'.

  • Thin leaves make them intolerant to freezing temperatures.


How can we be sure it's a variegated form of E. 'Runyonii'? Just check out this variegated and non variegated cluster. 

Echeveria 'Runyonni' with its variegated offshoot Echeveria 'Akaihosi' 

Another view of Echeveria 'Akaihosi' with its non variegated head Echeveria 'Runyonni'